Something unique and personal

Ideas for surfaces and pattern designs often originate from experiment and research, with an increasing role for sustainability. In the development process, colours and materials transform ideas into applicable designs that give interior projects an unique and personal signature. I create large scale designs for textiles, feature walls and more.


Besides autonomous designs, Studio Irene van Ophoven also offers custom made projects and bespoke pieces for clients to match a desired ambience in interior projects.

Feature walls – Wallpaper becomes wall art

The wallpaper in the ‘Connected’ Series plays with proportions; the 3×3 meter graphic design originated from a detail of a screen-printed tapestry that I made.

The design can be adapted into custom pieces: either full size or scaled to a panel or art piece.

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Create your own pattern for tiled walls

You are the creator! This tile can be rotated in any direction; the many compositions that can be created with this playful design make it possible to generate very different styles with just one décor. This design is also part of the ‘Connected’ series. You can generate your own pattern with a hand molded ceramic tile or apply the idea with a detailed design on wallpaper.

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Commissioned design for wallpaper collection

Love to create bespoke designs for entire collections, especially when I work with clients who share my passion for elegant design and appreciation for detail. For Eijffinger for instance, I drew a couple of oversized patterns to create real ‘wall power’.

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Design for tapestries – collaboration with Urban Cotton

Creating eye-catchers that people love! With an artistic freedom I develop a diverse range of wall hangings that combine a certain artisanal process with digital designs. Within this collaboration I make original works of art accessible for a diverse audience.

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Unique pieces – tapestries and wall objects

My ideas naturally originate from experiment and research. The handmade results are often transformed into unique tapestries and wall objects. These different works of art are the starting point for further development of my pattern designs, as is the case with the ‘Connected’ series.

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Acoustic Wall art

The ‘Connected’ series is taking an eco-friendly path, in designing a customizable collection of wall panels with additional sound absorbing properties, using natural and sustainable material such as Piñatex.

The modular and flexible wall system is enriched with a repeatable geometric motif.

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Patterndesign for digital print

Constantly inspired by all sorts of images, new series of pattern designs unfold. The Time travel series is a showcase of a complete collection of patterns for interior fabrics ready to printed.

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