The connected-series

Nowadays, design work is often focused on the screen. I wanted to connect again with the canvas (the real world), work physically, and try out a couple of different materials. This led to the new series ‘Connected’.


The series ‘Connected’ is all about geometric shapes, colours and patterns interfering with each other and is reminiscent of landscapes and city maps like the ones of the metro. The series includes wall objects, wallpaper, tiles and wall panels with which beautiful feature walls can be created to bring a distinctive touch of personality to interiors.


The first experiments were with a couple of graphic designs. I researched their connection in regularity and irregularity through silkscreen printing. I worked freely printing them on top of each other, turning them, doing experiments with dyes etc.

The result was a nice spontaneous coloured patchwork tapestry with a contemporary look but also a ´50s feel and some unique wall objects. These wall pieces formed in its turn the basis for as well as a wallpaper design and a ceramic tile.


The ceramic tile can be turned also in any direction; the ever-changing compositions that can be created make it possible to generate very different styles. The irregularity of the hand moulded tiles gives it the right look & feel. The tiles come in a 13 x 13 cm size.


The wallpaper plays with proportion. Its huge print of 3 x 3 meters originated from details of the original silk screen printed ‘city maps’ tests; in a kind of ‘way finding’ to the final design developed from zooming in, moving, cutting and flipping parts. The print is also obtainable as a panel art piece scaled to the proportions of your project, on wallpaper as well as on textile.


The ‘Connected’ series takes another step with the development of a modular and flexible wall system with sound absorbing properties, made of Piñatex (also called vegan leather, a natural textile made from pineapple leaf fibers). These wallpanels are enriched with a repeatable geometric motif. The colourful panels can be combined in many different ways: as a single walldeco or combined together in a stunning large playful piece of eco-friendly wall-art.