About me and my studio

Every object and the spaces around us have a beauty, an emotion and a story that has to be told. As a designer and stylist I want to give every moment something that makes you remember it.


In my Rotterdam studio, I create patterns and designs and develop concepts and applied products for interiors.

I have a strong sense for the visual and tactile, and that’s why patterns and textiles are so fascinating. Exploring new colour schemes, materials and techniques result in bold but balanced designs.


With an open and fresh attitude I step into projects that need a creative approach. My career began setting up large scale events and shifted to working as a designer and creator.  I have a background in art and cultural studies and I like to compose, collect and search ideas. Finding new insights, for things that seem impossible, is what makes me tick. Seeing that concepts are brought to reality for people and let good design communicate, feels just great.


I enjoy bringing beautiful ideas to life,

irene van ophoven